ten, ten, ten for Tuesday- the Mommy one

Ten things that I have discovered since becoming a Momma:

1. there are not enough hours in the day.period
2. you really can say the same thing one billion times. really
3. there is nothing like hearing your new name.incredible
4. your heart is walking/talking outside of you. literally
5. sleep is a luxury. undeniably
6. life passes much too fast. ridiculous
7.i am stronger than i ever knew. remarkable
8.there are laughs that come from unknown places in your soul. indeed
9. this is really hard work. under-rated
10.i am made for this. blessed


  1. To add to your list... that you learn things about yourself that you never knew.

    Love this post. Rock it, mamma!

  2. There is nothing like it...and sure you won't trade a thing!