My Monday

Nothing like an awesome Monday to carry you into Tuesday. So sorry no 10 for Tuesday post.
Yesterday, was a fantastic day. I mean really awesome.
*My mom sent me the cutest boots. If today was not an icy mess, I could have worn them to work. Oh well.
*My bestie put the best message on my FB page. And I always want to remember the words so I am re-posting it here: To my love....I'm watching my church service on the internet (from yesterday)....and it was about relationships. There were 5 questions delving into the depth of friendships and luckily I answered the affirmative to every question. You are that friend who is SAFE enough to tell the truth to. That means because of you I'll probably live longer and happier. Thank you. I treasure your friendship. You are my sister.
Hope that Z doesn't mind :P
*My cousin J came over and loved on N. Plus I got to chit chat with her. It was a great, unexpected visit on a Monday.
* Dinner was easy peasey, thanks meal plan.
* My arm is on the mend. Well not completely but there is a plan in place!

My Monday was great! I hope the rest goes the same way...am I getting anymore surprises Momma?

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