Clutter Buster!

Ok, I am on a roll! I am getting rid of a lot of the clutter in my life. And trust me there is so much! Makes you mindful of the stuff that you accumulate. I hope that this frenzy continues as I still have so many nooks and crannies that need an over hall. Where the heck does this stuff come from? I don't consider myself a hoarder but I know I have trouble letting go of things-------I attach a sentimental value to everything. I don't know how I will ever part with the masterpieces that N has started bring to bring home in earnest. I mean how can I part with his little handprint menorah or his shape tracings.

So because I am proud and also because I have been inspired by the postings of others. Here is one of my clutter buster lists.

Throw aways:
mounds of paper ( I mean how many pay stubs do you need?)
flip flops
broken hangers
old nighties
broken shoes
broken earrings

Donation items:
laptop bag
3 hats
an ipod case
2 ear warmers (I don't think I ever used these :O
3 purses
2 pairs of jeans
2 cookbooks
assorted baby clothes ( a tear. a tear)
3 cell phones
make-up case
2 sweaters


  1. That's AWESOME! I have to do that three times a year and I STILL have too much crap. People just keep giving you things and you end up not using them or thinking you'll use it someday. Ugh.

    Feels so good to get rid of things. Keep it up!

  2. Way to go girl............it's funny how something that seems so important today can be junk 6mos to a yr from now........how does that happen?