10 for Tuesday. Blog hop :P

There are so many cool blogs that I enjoy so I thought I would share them with you. Who knows you may find a new spot to visit.

1. The Newly Woodwards : a great blog about home renovations, crafty things and assorted monthly goals.
2. Sewing in No Mans Land : sewing projects abound, cool designs and tutorials too.
3. Dana-Made-It : This month she is celebrating the boy with a bunch of sewing projects for boys, love it. She does so much more than sewing so stop hesitating go see what Dana is up to!
4. My Bottle's Up : A Mom w/ a son a little older than N, rape survivor and a great writing style.
5. Apartment Therapy : I can't always look at sewing stuff :P This blog has some really awesome rooms.
6. Necole Bitchie : gotta keep up with all the happenings with all of the celebs.
7. Moneywise Moms : deals and advice for keeping your money straight.
8. Hostess with the Mostess : the parties, the free printables oh my!
9. 33 Shades of Green : she cooks, she crafts, she designs and she seems to be living a fabulous life.
10. U-Create : a blog that features the awesome talents of a bunch of different people.

So what blogs do you suggest as must reads ?

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  1. You should totally do this every week :) I love new blogs!