10 for Tuesday! Happiness post!

With the extended, extended weekend I really forgot that today was Tuesday. How awesome to return to work and it is already hump day! High five!!!
Well I spoke to 2 people who were a little bummed for a variety of reasons, so here are 10 things that have made me happy recently.

1. Having some Me time this weekend. And the promise of more Me time next weekend.
2.Watching Kimora and literally laughing out loud.
3. Getting silly text messages from my friend.
5. Cleaning, recycling and donating stuff.
6. Working on sewing projects.
7. Giving and receiving love from unexpected places.
8. Seeing N playing and enjoying himself.
9.Chocolate...in any form.
10. Planning and seeing the fruits of my labor.

1 comment:

  1. Happiness all around! Glad you're enjoying yourself :)