broke out the machine

Yay! It was my first time sewing since 2010! It was about time. I couldn't do it for long because it made my arm hurt :( But I did get to crank out some cloth panty liners. I mean they were easy to make and since no one else is seeing them there was no pressure to make them perfect. I am happy that I finally made them since I have wanted to make me a few for a long time. You know how it is, you always put yourself last. Another wonderful aspect of this project is that I made them using stuff I already had in the house. Go me! I think I want to make me 10 or so, so I have some more to make. First my diva and now this...crunchiness has no end, huh?


  1. LOL! Oh, my crunchy friend ;) Good for you for putting yourself first AND for breaking out your Brother!! I'm proud.

  2. :) I bet yours are way cuter than anything out there.