physical therapy

tonight i went to my first physical therapy session. it was fine. a lot of pressure/pressing on my sore and achy shoulder/arm but it was not too bad. there was also some hot and cold therapy.the therapist was nice and she sent me home with a few exercises to do before our next appointment.i hope that i can remember them enough to practice. she gave me some tips on a good ways to maneuver with my little man. i will say that you kind of take for granted having a full range of motion. small things like reaching up and picking N up without pain would really be nice. but i am not claiming this, this will only be a small blip on the radar of my life. i am looking forward to getting stronger and having less and less pain everyday. without the aid of 600mg of ibuprofen :P

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  1. HEAL FAST! I think wine helps... maybe margaritas.