toot toot

because I don't toot my own horn nearly enough...here is a message from one of my students....

Dear Mrs. B

I had a blast in your class last year. I loved the fact that we did creative things, like making a game board, instead of purely being a writing class. You are also most likely the nicest teacher that I ever had. It' s really also been a wonderful experience aiding for you this year. Again, you are so nice and patient, I'm not really sure how you do it with your 4B class.
Thank you so much for writing me a letter of recommendation. I truly can not explain how grateful I am. You have been wonderful to me and I am so happy I get to spend the rest of the year working/aiding for you. I can't thank you enough. By the way, you have an excellent fashion sense.

Ok. I already loved this kid, this is just the cherry on top! She even gave me cookies- wrapped all festively I might add.

Yeah, I like my job!


  1. You deserved that! How are the cookies she baked...?