10 for Tuesday although it is almost Thursday

The Grown and Sexy Stuff :)

1. One real sign of getting older is that I would rather listen to silence than listen to some stuff that is in heavy rotation on the radio.
2. Another one? Wife trumps Greasy Hoes. Give me The Real Housewives. Who would watch the stupid Jersey Shore?
3. I watch CNN, pretty darn regularly.
4. I am grown enough to stand up for what I believe in- I don't apologize for being me or having my opinions.
5. Quality beats quantity. A few good friends over a lot of acquaintances.
6. I like my job. It gives me pleasure and fulfillment and it does make a dent in the bills.
7. I like my Momma. I mean really like who she is- her heart, her strength- all of her.
8. I wait in line for things just not concert tickets and cd signings. Although for Cube I could make an exception.
9. I spend more on my son than I do on me ;P
10. Cool is being a man of your word. Taking care of your family and being a good partner. Cool is not tied to what you wear, what you drive or how much swagger you have- cool is still a nice smile.

Pretty damn grown and sexy if you ask me!

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