10 songs

1. Sittin On the Dock of the Bay- timeless and awesome no matter when I hear it
2. Bubbly- N loves this song, he sings it and says more, more
3. Remember the Time- MJ truly was the King
4. What's Going On- Marvin Gaye was cut down too soon
5. Wake Up Everybody- John Legend's version is done very well and it is still fitting
6. 3 Little Birdies- just a sweet song
7. No One- A Keys almost 3 yrs ago, the memories
8. So What- anthem songs are the best
9. Steady Mobbin'-Retro Cube is a must
10. Love the Way You Lie- back and forth it goes

1 comment:

  1. Love 3 little birds song by Marley! I'm also loving "You & Me" by Frances England... you can hear it when you go to the bottom of T's blog and press play. So true for our little boys.