10 for Tuesday the Sister One

My sister forwarded me this article about the joy of having a sister. How talking to a sister leads to greater happiness. Well in honor of that article and in honor of my sister, who will never read this blog. Here is my tribute to Tangela:

1. Having an older sister means having an instant friend. We weren't always friends but our relationship in the past 20 yrs has made up for the rough start ;)
2. My sister always treats me like she has to help me or look out for me no matter the situation.
3. She loves my son as if he were her own and she dotes on him in the most special way.
4. She knows my origin. Some things we never have to explain she just knows.
5. I have always had a great role model.
6. She is my greatest cheerleader.
7. If there is every a big moment in my life, she is always by my side.
8. I enjoy talking to her. She is my buddy and sounding board.
9. Since we are so different she has so many traits that I can appreciate and aspire to have one day.
10. I enjoy who she is, type A personality and all she is one of a kind.

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  1. AWW! That makes me want to write something for my sister... they truly are special people. There's no one else like them!