Sister Time!!

(Anthony, one of the children featured in the movie and he is from DC)

My sister and I got to have some much needed bonding time. No husbands or little ones in sight. Good times. First we went to see Waiting for Superman, which really is a must see documentary for anyone who teaches, has kids, likes children, wonders about the state of American Education or just realizes that we need some improvements in our educational system. Yeah, just about everyone. I won't give too much away but truthfully some people are so insulated from schools that are not like their neighborhood schools that this movie serves as a jolt to what is really going on in many classrooms. Well we saw it at AFI in Silver Spring and the theatre is just breathtaking. It really makes you feel like you are at a movie house of a bygone era. The fact that you can get wine along with your popcorn and gummy bears is really just a bonus :) After the movie, we headed to Copper Canyon Grill and had a nice dinner. It was just quiet/dark enough for us to chat and feel removed from the world. Score, score. The food was yummy too. Especially the spinach. Unless you are Popeye you rarely rave about spinach but this was very tasty. Then we wondered around downtime a bit before heading home. It was a fabulous way to spend a Fall Saturday.

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  1. Nice day! I'm eager to see Superman as well, especially after your review :) Sister-time is the best and I'm glad that you're lucky enough to live near T.