Just the kinda day I like!

I had a ball hanging out with my good friend Beeps. We tasted the rainbow, enjoyed a yummy new bread at lunch and visited a lackluster fabric spot....good times!! And the best thing about it all is our efforts for our charity endeavor has begun. It was very easy and the outcome is quite adorable. I see many pillowcase dresses in my future ;)


  1. LOL... "tasted the rainbow" :-p

    Today was lots of fun, and I'm relieved to see how easy those dresses are to make!

    PS: It's probably a good thing that the fabric shop was lackluster. It saved us $$ on spontaneous purchases.

  2. Who made what? They both look cute! I'm guessing S didn't make the cat print one...I know she's not a fan ;)

  3. Yes, it is great that the shop wasn't anything special- did not feel the urge to pick up something. Besides there are plenty of projects that are in the rotation as it is :<

  4. @MMC- I did the cat one and C did the other but it was just luck of the draw. I did have a few comments about the kitties as I sewed :P