10 for Tuesday

I have holiday fever! The last few months of the year gives my family much to celebrate....all of our birthdays and the standard stuff means we are broke by January ;) It truly means that life around these parts can feel like a blur. The birthdays abut against the holidays and in an effort to make sure everyone is celebrated adequately I jump through a
lot of hoops. Birthday banner down, Christmas tree up... Pretty much anyway.Tuesday's Ten is a simple list of some of the holiday things I want to do before the end of the season.
1. Go on a drive to see the festive lights.
2. Eggnog and fireplace date with the hubby.
3. Listen to all of my favorite Motown Christmas carols while wrapping presents.
4. Watch holiday movies with the little man.
5. Go see all of the Christmas decorations on the National Mall.
6. Make homemade cards for some very special folks.
7. Go to a grown up party and wear something sparkly.
8. Bake some goodies both standard and borrowed recipes.
9. Take some long relaxing baths after long busy days at work .
10. Go to a holiday performance.

What is on your agenda this holiday season?

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  1. i love your list! you listed some of my favorite parts of the holidays like making cookies and driving to see lights. I have been a little grinch this week, reading this put me in the mood to decorate :) thanks!!