Little Reminders

I know I am not the only one who gets overwhelmed or feels like there are not enough hours in the day to do all that needs to get done. Man do I feel all of those things pretty often! This weekend has been what the entire holiday season is for us, busy busy busy! I enjoy spending the time with the people I love and yet the reality of life is just around the corner. This weekend was full of fun family time, my cousin was here from Seattle and so we ate well and laughed a lot. It was bliss. We put her on her plane and it is back to reality. Getting ready for the work week and tackling little projects. Or not so little projects. In my never ending quest to get organized, I am tackling some of the paper clutter. Beyond the usual stuff, how long do you need to keep tax stuff for any way? I have been going through papers for the past few hours and I was feeling rather overwhelmed when I thought it would be a great time to put my little hurricane of a helper down for his nap. He flat out refused. Ugh. My plans, my plans! Anywhoo I left him alone and returned to my mounds feeling doubly defeated when I had an epiphany: instead of bemoaning how much I have to do, I should embrace how far I have come. Two big trash bags full if shredded papers are certainly testimony to what I have been able to accomplish. Quite pleased with my revelation I hopped up to tell my husband my aha moment only to discover him and our son passed out in our bed. He had gone down without me pulling out my hair over it or getting all riled up. Wow two big reminders in one afternoon. Life really is full of awesomeness.

What have you had to remind yourself about lately?

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  1. 2 big trash bags full of papers is AWESOME SAUCE!!!! way to go!!! ugh the paperwork, we have a filing cabinet full of unnecessary stuff. And the day to day papers that pile up are epic, it is unreal. so good for you for making such great progress!!