10 for Tuesday: Election

iTotally on pins and needles~ if I can't handle close sporting events and I REALLy can't, you must know that close presidential elections really get me crazed. But on a positive note, I did get to have a Tuesday off and I will totally take that gift.

Ten ways I have occupied myself so that I would not obsess over CNN.

1. Dropped the little off at daycare and picked up party food too.
2. Worked on the plans for the little party that I decided to throw for my hubby's birthday. Yeah in typical Jackpot fashion I decided to host a party four days before the party.
3. Had my buddy over and we got some sewing and chatting done :)
4. Graded papers. Go me! Grades are due on Thursday.
5. Ordered cake for the party.
6. Made the easiest dinner. Bonus for being yummy. Why haven't I been making soup and sandwich a part of the menu routine in the past is beyond me.
7. Chatted with Bestie. Always a highlight of a day to me.
8. Read Bearenstain Bears stories to the little.
I am noticing a trend. Stress brings out me wanting the comforts of my past. Soup and sandwiches, Bearenstain Bears are all things from my childhood, and making time for my friends is always a priority.
9. Writing for Nanowrimo. Mostly pressure free but a bunch of typing and hashing out details. Loving it!
10. A wee bit of relaxing.

How has your election day been?


  1. I love election day!!! i am actually sad it is going to be over. i really enjoy the 2 months leading up to the election and reading all the political blogs. i waited an hour to vote today which was a surprise, usually there aren't that many people voting. i was proud tonight to hear that 55% of the voters were women. I am even more excited now that the results are in. i am just waiting to hear the speeches so i can go to bed. The baby always kicks when Obama speaks. I was pregnant for the last election too and my son would kick when he spoke too :)

  2. I didn't have time to stress on election day, I was working at the polls and it was non stop all day, but when the voting finally ended I rushed home so I could join in on the election watch. What an exciting election and certainly the biggest turnout I have ever seen. I just couldn't get enough of all the coverage.