10 for Tuesday!

Well to be honest there is less than two hours left in this day~ tells you what kind of day I had.


1. went for a walk in the awesome 70 degree, December day.
2. Cooked a yummy dinner is less than 30 minutes. Call me Rachel Ray! No don't. I find her super annoying.
3. Having my clothes for the week all laid out and ready to wear.
4. I had the most delicious fruit.
5. I researched something about my serger and I think I see a light at the end of trying to get this dang thing to work tunnel.

The lows:

(want to keep them equal)

6. clucking work for my program that is SO, yawn boring
7. Miami Heat lost to the Woeful Wizards
8. not enough time to listen to that Alicia Keys cd....I am loving it and I can't get enough of Tears Always Win
9. Fiscal Cliff talk...I swear political shows will be the death of me
10. So sleepy must stop procrastinating...

And you?


  1. Dinner in 30 minutes! AWESOME!!! i always pick a too long to make dinner. This weather has been seriously sweet! You have it a little nicer than we do but i am still enjoying the 60 degrees! my low was yesterday when my mom forced me to put up the outside lights even after i told her i was too pregnant to do it. i was exhausted, my whole body hurt, and i fell asleep on the couch at 8. i guess the high is the christmas lights are up and i don't have to take them down :)

  2. I'll give you two highs and two lows...

    Going on a date with husband during the week!
    Getting enough stuff graded to be able to hit submit for interims on Monday.

    Breaking my new boots (thankful for a good friend with shoes)
    Wanting to go off AND going off on more than one person this week.

  3. hahah Cracking up at #2. My mother finds her annoying too!!