Merci, Thanks, Gracias

So very much to be thankful for during this holiday week, here are ten!
1. Days off. Yay for Wed, Thurs and Friday -so happy you are here ;)
2. Mason jars. I bring you the adult sippy cup.
3. I phone. I just can't get enough of my phone. How did I function before it?
4. Cool fashion choices....teal, black,butterflies and sheer fabric...love it!
5. Nice parents. My conferences went great and I even got a gift!
6. Lunches with girlfriends. Something about gabbing over food is really just the best.
7. Rachel Maddow. If you don't know I can't explain it.
8. Great health insurance. We just completed the open enrollment paperwork and I am just so grateful that I have access to affordable healthcare.
9. Making room in my life by removing clutter. Still shredding stuff but the end seems near.
10. Amazon. No I am not being paid for this endorsement but really they make it super easy to get what you need.

Happiest if Thanksgiving to all of you! Eat well and enjoy !!

                                                 Making my way through the paper clutter.

                                                Love all of the uses of Mason jars!

A shot of my clothes :)

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  1. LOL mason jars, an adult sippy cup!! LOL!!!! i love that! enjoy your days off from work and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!