Tuesday's Ten

Whew, nothing bad about a Tuesday on vacation. Here are 10 things I was up to today.

1. Miami Heat basketball, watching the game with my loves.
2. Up early and took my little one with me to vote. He is so cute about the process and picking "our favorite".
3. Some overdo shopping. Macy's was having a huge sale and the crowds were abundant.
4. Found some lunch supplies, fish shaped forks and a turtle container are going to please my animal lover.
5.Had a perfect hair day...bouncin' and behavin'.
6. Phone calls with bestie, sister and Momma----these ladies are my everything.
7. Grown-up pjs. Love them more with each passing year. Lounging in them is the best.
8. Leftovers for dinner. So easy. Tasty too.
9. Did not waste time on the internet :) Too busy being out and about.
10. Easter cards in the mail. Lovely surprises from great friends.

What were you up to today?

1 comment:

  1. i love a good hair day! that just makes the day even better :) i did laundry and forced myself to go to the gym. But i had a good workout and that felt really good! we went bowling as a family and it was hilarious, we are terrible bowlers that somehow were getting strikes. It was great!! enjoy your time off :)