10 for Tuesday: Anticipation

a few things I am  looking forward to.

1. Warmeer temps...what the heck happened to the warmth. 43 degrees?!? Bring on summer.
2. The decision on our last day of work. Our school year was extended due to inclement weather but there is a slight chance that that day may be excused.
3. Celebrating my good friend's big birthday this week.
4. Going to see Think Like A Man. It has gotten great reviews and I don't like to be out of the loop.
5. Catching up with my bestie. We have had our conversations interrupted and it would be nice to really chat it up. Soon though we will remedy that one.
6. Spending some good time journaling. My hands are itching to create and write.
7. Basketball watching. It has been a few days since I watched my Miami Heat and I need a little fix.
8. The relaxed pace of summer. I can see it coming and I am getting excited.
9. Blog reading. I haven't been doing that in a bit and I miss my online connections.
10. Some professional plans that I have brewing. Improving my self and being reflective too. Love it.

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