Tuesday's 10 :Yin & Yang

Yin aka Wins
1. Helpful hubby who didn't fret when he had to miss his evening run so I could get my hair done.
2. Mostly ready for tomorrow- one more lunch to make (mine)
3. Finally sitting down at 10:30 and preparing to watch a few minutes of shameful tv: Real Housewives of Orange County
4. 3 new magazines to check out: Oprah, Real Simple and Rachel Ray :)
5. Black pants- shamefully I haven't had a pair to wear since January. All of mine were in the dry cleaning pile. So over break I took care of dry cleaning...yay for black pants!

Yang aka DANG!
6. Still have papers to grade. Grades are due tomorrow afternoon. What say you? Will I get it done?
7. My Heat lost to the Celtics, boo. It was a good game though.
8. Allergies. They are attacking my family. No one is exempt.
9. I feel a bit out of sorts. It is odd to go back to work on a Tuesday. Plus I have so many things going on this week. Wish me luck that I get it all done.
10. Although I am a Maryland teacher, I am not one of the 3 amigos who won the Mega Millions. So close but yet so far. Guess I do have to finish grading :O

What are your yins and yangs? Do tell. I need the distraction!

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  1. Ying: I finally will get some rest Yang: It's because I'm sick :(