sleepless in the suburbs

I am officially sleep deprived. Every night my sleep is interrupted by my son. Combine that with the fact that I try to do a million things once he goes to sleep and then I have trouble unwinding to go to sleep before 11 ish and well it is not good for me. I came home on Friday so tired. The kind of tired that overtakes you and makes you feel like someone should be walking behind you to make sure you don't put your purse in the fridge or leave your keys dangling in the front door. Thank goodness I have only done one of those things. But really I am beat. I spend far too much time complaining to my mom and bestie about it. And truth of the matter not getting enough rest is no bueno. I may not be able to control the pitter patter of little feet making the way into my bed but I can make adjustments to get more rest. I am going to use this weekend to get some things done for the week. This week my goal is to get 7 hrs of sleep. I know that falls less than the recommended amount but it is a start. Yesterday, I got 4hrs. Yeah it felt more like a nap than anything. So maybe with more planning I will be able to get in the bed a bit earlier. I hope so. There really is no gaining back lost hrs of sleep. Wish me luck on my journey and feel free to let me know you share my pain.

PS: If you have a toddler and you are getting your sleep or more than your share, don't tell me that.
PPS: If you have always had a great sleeper, don't tell me that either.
PPSS: If you don't have to wake up in the 5 o'clock hour, you can keep that to yourself.

See where I am going here!


  1. WOW that is awful!!! i am a wreck if i don't get a good night's sleep too. I hope you plan this weekend works out and you start feeling better!!

  2. That's my life... if I get 5 hours of sleep every day it's a lot. Wish you the best figuring that one out! <hugs!

  3. LMAO! I'm not sure there's room left for anyone to contribute any personal antidotes after all your PS's!!! I hope you're feeling better and that this week is off to a better start.