Saturday Night Concert

If there was ever a chance that I was cool, I am certainly handing in my cool card. Yesterday, I went to an amazing concert, had great seats and knew every.single.word to every.single.song. I did plenty of dancing in my seat and helped the beach ball make the rounds through the crowd. At intermission I downed a ice cold h2o as I had certainly worked up a sweat. And now this is the part where I lose my coolness. It was a concert for The Fresh Beat Band....from Nick Jr. Yeah, I will wait while you take that in. The Fresh Beats  are without a doubt my music loving little ones favorite band. We had a ball. I mean it was so much fun. It was the best night out in a long time. Is it ok if I admit that?  My son was dancing in the aisle and singing his little heart out. Just an awesome night! The only downside was that concert t-shirts only went up to a size 5t....do these people not get how huge they are!?!

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  1. Okay, do I have to turn in my cool card if I said I was jealous? Lol