10 for Tuesday: My thoughts

5:35 am: I am late, thank goodness I packed up last night.

6:38 am: Aww, the little duck family is the perfect lesson for me: go slow

7:05 am: Why am I still listening to the kid music? The little is already out of the car.

8:25 am: I should have packed me a lunch last night.

10:55 am: If I gouge my eyes out will this lunch end any faster,ugh.

1:25 pm: Yay for unexpected kid free time- off to get a laundry list of things done.

2:45 pm: These sewing club girls rock!

3:40 pm: Wrap this mtg up, I am ready to head home.

5:00 pm: Love talking to my Momma.

6:00 pm: I am not in the dinner cooking mood.

what thoughts ran through your head today?


  1. Love it : ) Isn't unexpected kid free time the best?

  2. 10:56 am: What is that face you are making?!