I have mentioned before that I wanted to be diligent about using my journal. This week went pretty good- I missed a day. No excuses, I was in super sleepy mode and did not want to exert the effort to put pen to paper. Since I am a glass half full kind of person, I see that as success! Go me. And since I started my journal on 12/26 (my bday) it is even more awesomely amazing that I have been sticking at it longer than the first week of the year. Go ME!!
I have stumbled on a blog that is doing a Journaling through January effort and since I would love to have prompts and all that I have decided to participate. I hope that will keep me even more focused on this aspiration of mine.
Just for the record I am using a nice bound sketchbook with 8x11 white pages that just scream, "Fill me up with your witty, insightful, awesomely amazing thoughts!" So I am trying to do just that. Bonus points for this sketchbook being one I already had- brand new and all from the now defunct Borders Books. Which helps with my whole being a better steward of my money resolution-like goal.
So if I were going to journal about my New Year's Resolutions~
Exercise/fitness: yoga ( 3 ) walking ( 1)
Money: no unnecessary purchases at Target, yeah and no splurges
Journaling: see above
Clutter removal: clean pantry, clean truck ( my hubby eve complimented me on this one), donation of stuff

Great start! How did your first week of 2012 go? I hope it is off to an awesome start!

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  1. Glad you're making headway in your goals!! 2012 is going well so far for me... I've gotten miles in almost every day and I've started dancing which is fun :) I would love to journal like that but I know I have no time for it... keep it up!!