10 for Tuesday:Searching for the Happy

Well it is officially Wednesday but don't tell anyone :)
This week is off to a crazy start, trying to stay focused and happy is proving to be a challenge. So this is where you come in- help me find the happy. What is making you happy this week? Normally I am ok in this department but this week not so much.

1. I am happy that I have a supportive husband who pulls his weight with our sick little one.
2. I am happy for my new blog design courtesy of Lauryn. She really rocks!
3. Thrilled the Heat won tonight on D Wade's birthday.

4-10 is all you. What is making you happy this week?


  1. Well, not midterms.

    Id have to say the awesome dinosaur cookies I made and self-frosted. I hope to put up pictures this week!

  2. Hour+ lunches with friends... wouldn't that be nice on a regular basis?
    The anticipation of a trip to NYC :)

    Cute blog!

  3. Little N is feeling fine and his Mom is doing a darn good job of taking care of him!

  4. My mumma is visiting for a few days, I'm on Holidays and it's week 1 of the Australian Open Tennis so I can watch lots of it!