I think many of us have a tendency to go and go and go no matter what our bodies tell us. I am no exception. Yesterday, I crashed. I fell asleep before 6pm and slept through until 4 am. And by sleeping through I totally mean sleeping through a little one on my back, a little one requesting some dinner, a hubby asking me about my preparedness for Thursday am and a little one back on my back happily playing with the remote control. SO after/during all that I slept like a log. It was perfect, it was amazing. It was just what the dr ordered. I feel so prepared to start my day. I don't recommend everyone check out like that. It really only works if you don't worry about how things will go when you are knocked out. I knew my hubby would be more than capable to to run the show. So take the nap. A happy wife is a happy life! Certainly a well-rested wife has to fit in that category somehow.


  1. Yeah, a well rested wife is key to being a happy wife......glad you got some much needed rest because your family needs you healthy

  2. I do the early crash at least once a week... keeps me sane ;) Hope you can relax this weekend!