10 for Tuesday!

1. Don't you just love when you are doing something that brings you joy and someone else is doing it with you and they just make it look amazing?! Look at the awesome journal started by my bestie, The Funky Firefly !

2.  What about when you get you get your previously damaged beyond measure work laptop returned in good as new condition. Pretty awesome, right?

3. Or you get the cutest picture of your newlywed friend on her wedding day and she is truly radiant!
4. How about when you finally finish putting your grades in two hours before the deadline.
5. A 2hr phone call with a lifelong friend----laughing, exchanging mommyisms and catching up.
6. A dinner that included pancakes that was made by my hubby.
7. A nice offer from an overseas email address offering me a large sum of money if I will only be so kind to let them use my account for a few transactions. (Just seeing if you were still with me)
8. Watching Their Eyes Were Watching God and truly enjoying every minute. I really can't tell you the number of times I have seen this movie since I teach this book and I still enjoy it every time.

9. The extremely mild winter temperatures and sunshine that blanketed the area today :)
10. Seeing the words of long gone influential people still touching people.

10 things that have made me satisfied this week!


  1. Love your 10 for Tuesday and will definitely check out The Funky Firefly!

  2. What a good week! Love the bit about grading--I always get it done a week in advance so I don't have kids asking if I can include just ONE more assignment to boost their grade. =)

  3. Isn't it amazing that it's not always the big things but the small things that make us happiest. Family, friends and good memories.