I am always looking for ways to allow N to exist outside of the confines of my Nikon. Yeah, sometimes he gets stuck in there. You know, a little over 2 and I am still printing pictures of him crawling :) Kinda bad. Well we just received a great stack of photos from Shutterfly. Just great! They look fantastic and they shipped super fast. I think we have our spot for where we are going to go to get all of those pictures downloaded. Oh and getting them uploaded was a breeze- I had a couple of options but with the size of pictures I needed to upload- the only real option was downloading the software and doing a fast upload. Quick and now I have all of those long-forgotten pictures. There are some awesome holiday promotions going on right now, maybe N will be multiple gifts ;)

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  1. :) Glad you are finally getting around to your pictures! Aren't they great to look through?