Ten for Tuesday....so thankful!

In honor of Turkey Day and all of that I want to list a few things that I am thankful for. Always have to remember to be grateful.

1. Turkey Day spent with family and the folks that we have chosen as our family.
2. A job that gives me security and a wee bit of flexibility.
3. Supportive folks in my life.
4. People who love my little Nico and shower him with love!
5. Yummy food that I don't have to prepare and actually enjoy eating.
6. Sleeping in- A rare treat but something that I thank D for allowing me the pleasure of doing.
7. My wonderful cousin coming to visit :)
8. N starting a new daycare. I am excited that he will be in an awesome situation!!
9. Finding freebies on line. Love 'em.
10. Packages in the mail. The best kind of mail!!

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