Tis the Season for Photo Cards and FREE ones are the best!

Well, years ago people sent cards with trees, snowy nights and wreaths NOW it is all about sending photo cards. Since getting married and having my son, I have totally embraced sending holiday cards. I guess I love showing off my little family. It is not one sided I love getting photo cards. I keep them and see how much the little ones have grown over the year. True story my niece loved the birth announcement/New Year's card that we sent that she carried it around AND refused to share it with her family. I like to think that it was because the card was just so dang cute and not just the fact that she was 2 and a 1/2 at the time. I mean after I obsess over what card to pick, what photo to use and the wording of said card I like to think that it can't be put down or forgotten ;P

So what do I have in mind for this year? Ugh, haven't decided yet. If I don't get it in gear than I will have to send Happy New Year cards. Which I am not opposed to as the past two years- post baby years- I have only managed to get it in gear to send out Happy New Years Cards. I happen to think New Years cards are pretty darn spectacular :) But any way back to the choices. I told you it's hard and Shutterfly has so many amazing choices.

You can go fun and fabulous with a card like this one:

You can do sophisticated and chic:

Or maybe something with the funky, bright colors:

It doesn't really matter because you can't go wrong with any thing you choose. Shutterfly HAS something that speaks to your style! Plus you don't want to spend too much time making your cards because you NEED to get some of the cool photo gifts ordered for all of those hard to shop for folks on your list. My mother has taken over the family calendars but there are still So many ideas, mouse pads, ornaments, stickers, puzzles etc. There is nothing like an adorable little bitty face to make a gift even more celebrated. And lucky me I have one of those little faces running around me as I type ;)

So get in gear!!! I will be checking my mail for your photo holiday card. And if you blog Shutterfly is hosting a great promo for bloggers that could get you 50 free holiday cards- go take a look at the offer http://bit.ly/sfly2010.

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