Wow, Awesome just doesn't cover my wonderful day!

Okay, my day was just fantastic. Nico stayed at home with his PaPa so I did not have an am drop off. Good thing number one, check! Then I happen to be driving next to Beeps who promptly called me and encouraged me to stop at Starbucks. Good thing number two, check! My yummy hot-chocolate, good thing number three, so done. Then Beeps gives me my birthday gift because, well I know she was excited but she told me it was because I could get some use out of it before the holiday. I unwrapped.... (for the anticipation and all) lovely, gleaming, sharp as can be pinking shears. Oh wee! So awesome that they come resting on fabric in a lovely metal box! I love em. I am sure these count as good things, 4-10 but I will say number 4, check. And then as if my day could get any better, I won a giveaway on a blog I like. I won two patterns from a cool sewing, crafting blog. Good thing number 5! Yes! All before lunch.


  1. SOunds like an awesome day! :) Hope it starts a trend.

  2. Yay! So glad I could be a part of the awesomeness... it was a pretty good day for me, too :D