10 holiday things I enjoy

1. Seeing the twinkle of the Christmas tree lights
2. getting gifts ;)
3. wrapping presents and watching the number of gifts grow under the tree
4. listening to Christmas carols...favorite is Gee Whiz It's Christmas
5. Eggnog- a glass or two can last me until the next season
6. unwrapping the ornaments that I haven't thought about for a year
7. seeing the neighborhood transformed
8. the knocks from the UPS man
9. picking what holiday greeting I am going to send
10. spending relaxing time with my family!


  1. #9
    UPS Guy - *knock knock*
    Nico - Pizza?

  2. Yeah, that is probably what would happen :)

  3. :) I agree with everything on this list although my favorite silly Christmas song is I want a hippopotamus for Christmas ;)