the Wow of Women

Yes, we are too hard on ourselves. Our bodies are not trim enough, our friendships are too complicated, our faces are showing signs of age and that couldn't be you in that reflection. We see our flaws and we miss our strength. This morning I had the pleasure of watching the Wow of Women as I watched Serena Williams win Wimbledon again (the 4th time). Her body and strength is unmatched. Her skill in her sport is amazing. And it got me to thinking about all of the great women out there. The mother's who rock their babies on their hips while making a balanced dinner for the family. The mom's who put off their dreams to nurture their daughter's to dream their big dreams. The women who put pen to paper and write stories that need to be told. Oh where would we be without the women who dared so that we wouldn't have to. Girls do hold up the world and I really wish that women could hold onto that knowledge that their is so much WOW about women.

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