The Temptation of Target

Oh, how I love that store. You all are probably familiar with the routine. Go in for one thing and come out with reusable bag upon reusable bag filled to the hilt. Well, I am proud to say I haven't been to Target in over 3 weeks, well on my way to my month away from the bullseye goal that I set for myself when I made my 101 list. Yay! I can say that it was easier than I expected. I really did not miss the place. I have made do with the things that I have and really haven't had one thing I have needed. I guess that speaks to my ability to have things in bulk. Although, I did not plan for my month away hiatus it just came to me and I said I would run with it. So what do I attribute my success to? Well, a few things. N is away so I haven't had the need to get things that he "needs", no Happy 4th T-shirt for my little one. Also, we had all of the toilet paper and soap we needed. Not using paper towels ensures that we wouldn't run out of them. So no real draw. I haven't needed a last minute accessory, shirt or tights to wear to work either. Just no real need for the place. And what is more. I think I will continue this thing. Not saying I won't go to Target at all but not making my weekly or more trips to the place has to be good for my wallet. So I accepted the challenge and am certainly better for it. Go me!


  1. I will need to get on board with this.... Congrats!

  2. Go you :) I LOVE Target too, and find that I have to REALLY focus when I go in there. It's nice to know that you can control things when you want to, isn't it?