*&^% the police!!

Now don't get me wrong I don't hate all cops. But this ish is just unfreakingbelievable! The verdict for the Oakland Transit Officer who shot a handcuffed man is in and mistaking your gun for a taser seems to be acceptable. Really? I am not a taser or gun expert but I would think that by shooting anything TWICE you would kinda know what you were using. If you haven't followed this case I am linking an article for your reading. But the long and short of it is a person who was sworn to protect and serve has taken a man's life.
What turned a simple arrest into this tragedy? Did the suspect reach for a weapon? Did he maneuver his handcuffed hands out of the restraints and attack? From numerous recordings provided by witnesses that doesn't appear to be the case. The officer has apologized. He claims that it was a mistake but I doubt it. I think so many of his irrational fears caused him to act the way that he did. Perhaps he allowed his emotions to blind his intelligence. Doesn't really matter, a man is dead and that can't be erased. The people of Oakland are incensed. The blood of another black man is on the hands of a cop. Justice has decided to take a vacation, so the officer is not guilty of murder. If not murder, than what? What crime seems to truly define what he has done. Seems pretty much like murder to me and a uniform, a taser, a gun and a few years on the force should not allow you immunity.

Retro NWA seems all too current:

F*&^ the police comin straight from the underground
A young n---- got it bad cause I'm brown
And not the other color so police think
they have the authority to kill a minority

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