Not to be all political

But. Don't be afraid of the but as you knew it was coming. Everyone knows that I cloth diaper N and I really support cloth diapers. I am constantly reminded of how wonderful cloth is for both my son and the environment. They have been super easy to use and have prevented us from every having to make a late night run to the store for insert plastic diaper name here. tee hee. I am amazed by all of the options, your little one can be comfy in a simple prefold with snappis (picture the ones with pins) or an expensive designer one that you can put on ebay afterwards. Yeah, the range is just that great.
Well there is a movement to bring cloth diapers back to hospitals. Before you get all weirded out and come up with a dozen excuses about why this can't work. Think about it? Disposable diapers are relatively new so up until a little bit ago cloth was THE diaper so hospitals have been using them for eons. So the gist of it is that we (myself included) want babies to have a healthy, eco friendly start. So support the cause to get cloth diapers in hospitals.


  1. Wow you DID get all political :-p

  2. I think that women and babies need to have more options when going through the birth process. So having the option to cloth diaper is a no brainer. There needs to be more support for breast feeding, vaccinations, and cloth diapers. More information is always better.

  3. @Z, you know I agree. It takes so much to be an informed member of this world and all too often the people/organizations that could make it easier don't feel obligated at all. It stinks!