it just bites

It really just bites when the blogs you love disappear. And by disappear, I mean the blogher just stops posting. It leaves you in a lurch and starts the whole what ifs in your mind. I have followed a few blogs that have just bitten the dust and it truly is such a void. Poof, one disappears to maybe write a book or take a job or something. Another disappears to start a store. Some just vanish....whateves. It just seems like once you have amassed a huge following, talking the thousands, you should not just vanish. Yes, I realize that people have lives and such but really. It just bites.
I would love it if the blogs you like had some type of guarantee that if they are awesome and super useful they won't disappear atleast until they are no longer relevant. Maybe the originator could retire for a bit and insert equally talented, interesting and witty bestfriend or twin, sister etc. The readers would be ok because it would just flow the same. Yes, I am probably over thinking things a bit but blogs are like on-line advice columns. You wouldn't expect Miss Manners or Dear Abby to go poof. Why because even though those people have died they have been replaced and who really cares who the original Dear Abby was (no disrespect)! So from now on, I am going to refrain from blog loyalty. I won't follow anyone. I will bounce from blog to blog just seeing what is out there and moving on before I get too connected. My sensibilities cannot take it when they go MIA.
Probably not really gonna happen but that is how I feel at this moment. Ugh.


  1. So, in summary, you're going to be a blog whore? ;)

    I know exactly what you mean and it sucks. Don't worry, I won't stop blogging!