10 for Tuesday!

Too many things floating around in my head to be contained to one topic. I am going to keep it random :P

1. J. Prince from Rap-A-Lot records has the coolest voice. I told D that if I were a teenager and there wasn't caller id, I would crank call him. He would make hearing a grocery list sound smooth. If I were his waitress, I wouldn't need a tip just hearing him order would be the best. "I want my eggs, scrambled, over easy." It would make me giddy.
2. I really don't like shows like America's Got Talent, So You think You Can Dance etc. I just don't really care. I can't tell who sounds good and if you sound really bad, I don't want to hear it.
3. Rappers are so smooth. Just think Lil Wayne and TI got one year sentences for violating their parole or whatever and they took it. Lindsey Lohan gets 90 days...3 months and she is sobbing like a baby. Now I know that this is not something to give the fellas props for but my goodness if you snub your nose at the law, you should put on your big girl panties and do your bid without the dramatics.
4. Reconnecting with old friends on FB is pretty nice. Especially when you find out what neat lives your friends have for themselves. One of my old friends/classmates is so talented and his artwork is phenomenal. I can't wait to buy one of his works to have in my home. So FB is good for something.
5. N is away and we are doing ok. We miss our little man but he is always in such good spirits when we call so we know it a wonderful opportunity for him.
6. Waiting for Wade. Will he leave or will he stay? Ugh, I wish he would make his decision. Don't leave the MIA. The Bulls are courting him and LeBron, they must have big bucks in the Chi.
7. Summer is the best season. Not the 100 plus degree temps but the actual slower pace, fruity drinks and general hanging out makes it the best.
8.I am glad we don't have any snacks in the house cause I am feeling snacky. Not really hungry but a handful of cookies would be nice right about now. Between not packing a lunch (yay, summer) and N being away we don't have the normal staples. Oh, some goldfish would be delish right about now.
9. Researching N's dietary restrictions has introduced me to some really cool blogs. I am SOOOOOO glad that his allergies are not as bad as some of the other babes I have come across. It just seems like allergies are such a life changing thing. Some families have certainly figured it all out and I am trying to learn from them.
10. The best person you can be is you. Look to your friends but realize that what works or is best for them isn't necessarily what works for you. Work on being your most authentic self...it is the surest path to happiness and fulfillment. That is my Oprahism for you guys :)


  1. Thanks O for your sage advice :)

  2. Very interesting and insightful. Love those Tuesdays!