Ten for Tuesday...Randomness

1. Had a late lunch/early dinner with my buddy KELLY and her sanity is refreshing. A breath of fresh air. I miss our daily chats but our meet-ups are on point.
2. Biggie...lyrical genius. Gone too soon.
3. You have to be a friend to keep friends. I am reminded of that on the daily.
4. I love shopping with coupons. Today I saved 13 bucks at Target and I only bought the few things on my list. Go me :)
5. I want to win a contest on the radio or on a blog. That would be thrilling!
6. Total time spent fiddling on line these days is miraculously small. Enjoying more moments with my active baby boy and I am loving it!
7. Spring is right around the corner, yay!
8. Speaking of Spring...hello Miami, can't wait to see you soon.
9. I am so glad I switched subject areas. It makes work so much more interesting and I think deeper thoughts :)
10. D has been on my good side lately. That makes me happy!


  1. Glad you're going to Miami :)

    If you want to win a prize on a blog there's a website I found that has a lot of them listed for you! http://www.prizey.net/

  2. #3-I get these random moments where I realize the same thing. Friendship is hard work!
    #4-That's quite a feat.
    #9-I'm looking forward to the same revitalization next year :)