10 for Tuesday...come on Spring (Summer would be better!)

Ok, I am not rushing the calendar but there are many things that I enjoy doing in the Spring that I can't do in the sucky Winter.

1. Show off my pedicure..toes out is the best.
2. Dine outside.
3. Wear bright colors.
4. Enjoy the extra hours of sunlight.
5. Take walks around the lake with N.
6. Sip margaritas with my girls.
7. Did I mention sunlight? Love some sun :)
8. Stop eating all of these stews, soups etc. Does that mean I won't be using the crockpot?
9. Visiting people, when it is cold I prefer to go straight home.
10. SPRING BREAK....yeah, I am a kid like that ;)


  1. Ok, no wonder we're friends. I think I could say 'ditto' to just about everything on your list :)

  2. So C, pedicures followed by a Mexican meal is in order? That would take care of a few on the list!