10, 10, 10 for Tuesday!

1. My weekly menu is not really working this week since I don't feel like cooking.
2. Jesse James allegedly cheated on Sandra Bullock. Not cool after she declared how spectacular he is to anyone who would listen. Marriage vows are not just suggestions.
3. Spring Break is almost here and I can't wait.
4. My sister is out of the country and I miss her. Hope she is having a wonderful adventure.
5. Nico is laying across my arms while I type this...I guess he could be called resistance :)
6. I have decided to wake up earlier since I can no longer stay up until 11. So waking up early gives me a moment to myself.
7. A quote on Dr. Phil was :" Friendships are ships, they can sink." Wow. Some sentiment.
8. I think I have just experienced my first etsy disappointment. I mean how long does it take to ship a product you have in stock.
9. The Phone Free Zone for your car is so hard! I think O should have given us all chauffeurs.
10. Where did the good weather go? I miss the sun :(

1 comment:

  1. Weekly menus are tough! I almost broke down today but stuck to eating at home... small steps, right?

    That Dr. Phil is a deep one... I do agree that friendships can def. sink! Especially if the captains are not invested in their jobs ;)