Ten for Tuesday..the folks

This counts for two reasons: I wrote this in my head and it comes as a result of my conversation w/Bestie on Tuesday. You will note the slight tweaking Z.

The ten famous people who I would love to meet. (Dead or alive)

1. Ice Cube because he can go from No Vaseline to Are We There Yet mixed in with a little bit of Anaconda...seamlessly.
2. Oprah because she is just a beast on so many levels.
3. Gordon Parks. Anyone with that much vision could certainly help me to see things more clearly.
4. Jane Austen. I just like her.
5. Michelle Obama. I just like her more :)
6. Martha Stewart. I don't think she is nice but she can surely show me how to thread my bobbin and other domestic endeavors.
7. Chelsea Handler....hilarious!!
8. Nia Long, she seems like someone who I could really be friends with and go to lunch and hang out.
9. The Kardashians. All of them.
10. D. Wade.

This list is a bit all over the place but I tried to hit various aspects of my personality/ interests.


  1. OK:
    1. Love Love Love....Ice Cube. Well you already know that. Yayee Yayee.
    2. Oprah is a beast. On the grind and loving every minute of it.
    3. Gordon Parks...I've just visualizing the lady with the mop in front of the flag....isn't that his photo.
    4. Jane Austen is cool. Walt Whitman is too.
    5. Michelle Obama on the cover of this month's Essence with her man. Every time I see her I just want to shout, "Go 'head Girl."
    6. Martha could teach a bit about threading. Julia Childs could teach me a bit more about cooking.
    7. Chelsea is too much and I refuse to believe that she is only in her mid 30s. Making fun of people must just make you old.
    8. Nia seems so sweet. But she can't take my place...It's about to be a lunch 3some up in this bitch.
    9. Holla...Love Love Love...me some Kardashians. Someone asked me what I wanted for Xmas...I said to be a Kardashian.
    10. D. Wade.... What about D. Nice. Remember him?