10 for Tuesday the Green Post

Today I am going to focus on 10 little green things that I am doing to help this place that I call home.

1. Recycling- D takes down the garbage and I handle the recycling. That should tell you that it is a labor of love. I don't mind the sorting or rinsing but when I have to lug that stuff to the bins I am not so in love with recycling.
2. Cloth diapers- good for the planet and good for my baby. A win-win. Plus they are so flipping cute that you enjoy changing him. I like for him to coordinate.
3. Reducing energy consumption- a bit harder in the winter but still something I have committed to...lights off, computer off, energy sucking appliances unplugged.
4. Organic- I purchase organic, locally grown food when it is feasible and not cost prohibitive.
5. Plastic water bottles- I use far less. I bring my water to school and only buy it in a pinch. I can't help it I am a big gulper.
6. Plastic bags- I use my super cute totes in place of plastic bags on nearly every shopping trip. I have been known to carry my stuff in my hands instead of using a plastic bag.
7. Plastic snack bags- I use reusable bags to tote snacks for N and myself.
8. Paper towels- We started the process of phasing out paper towels. Yikes. I will keep a roll on hand but the crazy amount we go through has been halted.
9. Clothing Care- washing clothes in cold instead of hot/ line drying as much as possible.
10. Supporting local. Buying goods from local merchants so they don't have to travel as far and I support my local economy.

Doing green things takes some adjusting but it is growing on me!

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