Power of Peers

Today I visited my friend's church. The church is a non-denominational one...the kind with the stage and all of that. It was very diverse and super welcoming. We had a good time. The service was very good. The only thing I would have liked would be more worship songs. Other than that, I would go back again. But anyway. The reason for this post is the message that was given. The sermon was about the people that we surround ourselves with vs the types of people we need in our life. Many times they are very different.
The first step in getting a life development team is to get the right people in place. The minister defined them as 3 types:
1. "Paul like" are people who are our coaches.
2. "Barnabas like" are people who are our partners/companions.
3. "Timothy like" are people who are our apprentices...we can encourage them like we have been encouraged.

Anyway, it was an interesting way to look at the people who we surround ourselves with and it has caused me to evaluate my relationships to get the key players their staring roles :) Just interesting.

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  1. Hmmm... that IS a new way of looking at things. I know I've got my Barnabas peeps lined up... but what about the others? It's so easy to neglect our coaches and apprentices. Thanks for sharing :)