Emergency Ready

Perhaps it is the Miami in me but I always yield to Mother Nature. Heck, I still have this summer's derecho that led to 5 days of no power in the scorching heat fresh in my mind. So we are getting ready for what could be a massive storm. They are already calling this Frankenstorm and other variations. We have pulled out our kit and have it easily accessible and we are hoping that we won't have to use it. Just an FYI our kit contains: batteries,flashlights,blankets,wipes, waterproof matches, ponchos, paper products, lanterns, water, a corded phone,a can opener, cash and coins, a first aid kit and we have a stocked pantry to go along with the kit. I think we are set. Tomorrow we need to put a few things down so they don't fly around in the strong winds. I also need to gather a few things for my son. We should be ok. I am already getting mentally ready for possible changes to my work schedule next week.
Are any of you getting ready for this weather emergency? How are you hoping to stay sane ? ;)


  1. I love your kit!! We are all ready too! i bought some extra canned goods yesterday and 2 loaves of bread :) we have an emergency bag in our closet and then a small stockpile of water and food on some shelves in our basement. when we were supposed to get pounded by the hurricane last year, we got all this stuff ready so there would be no scrambling before the storm :) i hope you all stay safe and don't lose power for too long!!

  2. I hope you and your family is safe. Hurricane's only bring us a little wind and rain after they do all the damage to the coasts. Here we just run into the downstairs bathroom when the tornado sirens go off.