10 for Tuesday: Chest Puffing Out

Ten things I am proud of these days:
1. Ordering pizza when I was too pooped to cook :) Feeling no guilt.
2. Clean fridge. Salads for the week prepped. Veggies cut, washed and ready to snack on.
3. Getting some kid free time this weekend and hanging out with my girlfriend. We hung out downtown, went to see Wicked and had our own dance club in the car. Fun times.
4. Getting one large project at work finished. Hope it brings some happiness to others.
5. Clean car. Yes, my hubby did the cleaning but I have managed to keep it clutter free for 3 days. Go ME!!
6. Having a mountain of patience when my wonderful three year old refused to cooperate with the simplest of requests. I even read many stories and kept a smile on my face.
7. Keeping a healthy dose of balance. I struggle with that but I have been good with it.
8. I am embracing fall. Not my favorite season but we did do the pumpkin patch/orchard day and I smiled like a happy camper.
9. I am super proud that I have done some small crafting. Making a little time to craft means a lot to me.
10. Proud of the friendships that I honor.

So what are you puffing out your chest about? Do share!


  1. you have a great list!! i love #2, goo for you having all your salads prepped!! i went through some bins and got rid of stuff. feels good!!

  2. I no longer feel the need to runaround dusting and cleaning every minute, I can take a break to read or watch a movie with little or no guilt; when I am tired I have learned to embrace a nice nap; feels good not to be so uptight!!!!!!