10 for Tuesday: Normal & Random

We survived Sandy! No real issues in my household and for that I am more than thankful. Being in the house for days and following the path of the storm has brought up some normal and some random stuff. Here's the rundown:

1. Normal: thinking of ten things on Tuesday :) too easy!
2. Random: watching the mailman out of the window delivering packages covered head to toe in rain gear...chuckling b/c they really mean they deliver in all sorts of weather and po'd cause really no mail is worth all of that.
3. Normal: making meals for the fellas. Tried this delicious recipe for Carne Guisada (Latin beef stew) and it was so tasty! Had all of the ingredients at home and it was the perfect meal on a rainy, cold day.
4. Random: emails from pretty much long lost friends checking on me on the storm.
5. Normal: finding activities to keep my little one entertained. We played Children's Sequence and it was so fun. It has animals so it was a hit with my little one.
6. Random: Finding my marriage certificate when I was cleaning up our room. Yeah, I thought that was in with our important papers- yikes :o
7. Normal: Cheetos, chocolate, Thin Mints, chocolate chip cookies as part of our storm preparations. We did major damage in the past two days.
8. Random: Mid day bubble baths. Anything to make it through.
9. Normal: Checking the school closing updates like it is my job.
10. Random: Deciding to give up on many of my reality tv shows. Starting Nanowrimo so I will need the time.

What random & normal things have you been up to lately?


  1. Hmm... normal... sitting on my computer instead of cleaning the house! Random? Listening to "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros because I love it!

    I found your blog through Bleubird!

  2. i love your storm prep food! I never think about chocolate but when we are trapped, it is all i want to eat. Luckily we had halloween already this time. But now all i want to do is eat thin mints. they really should put those things in a smaller sleeve because once you open a sleeve, it's over :)