10 for Tuesday: the crazies

Ever have moments where you think that you are a little loco. I had a great chuckle at my own expense about my ecentricies and thought why not share it with you guys. I can't imagine that I am alone. Feel free to let me in on all of your sillies. I don't have room to judge :p

1. My Pyrex. Love to look at it, put it out on display. But those awesome, vintage goodies are not going in the oven. I have a crazy paranoia that when I try and bake with them, they are going to go splat. I know. I know. I see all of the Pyrex bloggers using their stuff from oven to table and it makes me jittery.
2. My food. I eat the cold stuff and then I eat the hot stuff. Oh yeah, I eat all of one thing before heading to the next one.
3. My post shower routine. Toes cannot touch the tile and I have to bundle up in the fluffy robe.
4. My ipod. Always listen to the shuffle songs setting. even if I want to hear an artist, I wait until the artist comes up in the routine.
5. Television viewing. I cannot miss political shows. Watch them every day.
6. Am routine. My day doesn't feel like it has officially started until I have a glass of orange juice.
7. My pens. Don't ask, you can't borrow 'em. I loathe sharing my pens.
8. Blog reading. I read by subject matter. I do all of my sewing blogs, then the Mommy one, then the fashion ones etc. I never mix subjects. I am really an all or nothing kind of gal.
9. Clothes. Can't fold them and put them away in the same time span. I know I am not alone on this one :)
10.Books, can't read unless I have complete silence and I am in total relax mode.

So what are your ecentricies....come on share them :)


  1. LOL! you are so funny!! i used to do #2 and go from cold to hot too. When my hubby and i were dating he pointed it out and laughed a little. so i immediately stopped doing it because i didn't want him to think i was weird. too late for that one LOL!! i also used to not let my food touch but i am a little more relaxed about it now. and when i say relaxed i mean i eat all the food that is touching other food as fast as possible so it doesn't have to touch anymore LOL!!