Sunday to Remember

today was a perfect day~

the weather is awesome, the windows are open and the breeze is great
our family loved our time at the park: swings, bubbles and bike riding
the hubby made dinner
my son (he is a future sweet-talker ladies) assured me that I am a "great cleaner" to get me to help him clean his room, so NOT me but whateves
i am taking tomorrow off from work
the Miami Heat won: lbj w/40 pts and Wade is back
the hubby did the weekly grocery shopping and only forgot a few things
a new season of keeping up with the Kardashians starts tonite

it was good day indeed


  1. what a great sunday!! We had 3 things in common on sunday, windows open, hubby making dinner and hubby grocery shopping. Those really made my sunday great!!! LOL!! happy monday!

  2. What a great day...glad you got some time to really enjoy your family, windows open and a good breeze is icing on the cake